Oneechan to Issho 12 Gatsugou


Pony Canyon PCCG-00382
2000 yen (with 5% tax)
around ?? minutes
released 1997.12.03

There are two versions, a 2000 yen "special" edition that comes with a CD case for holding all 12 CDs, and a 1223 yen normal edition. In addition to the CD, there is a "letter" inside. (I only got the "special" version, but I assume the normal one has this letter too.)

The envelope says, "Please read this after you listen to the CD."

The CD starts off with the "ending music".. Kikuko says that it's too sad if the final CD ended with this music, so this one will end with "Doki Doki Wendenyan".

Kikuko read some letters. She says that she gets sleepy when she drinks. Also she can't drink a lot.

The "food" this month was Christmas cake. She cooked a sponge cake and brought that. Then in the "Oneechan no Manbou Cooking" (fourth time), [tracks 6 and 7], Kikuko decorates the cake with cherries. Kikuko eats the cake in track 8.

The song for this month was Wendenyan no Christmas [track 10]. This time Kikuko wrote ths song, instead of Kawai Kenji and Sora.

Also the compilation CD with all of these songs will be coming out about a half year late. (It was supposed to come out next month.)

Kikuko read some more letters, for the song suggestions, and sang some more songs (that she created on the spot).
[One of the letters was from "Miyano Atsushi" from Tokyo. ^_^]

Then Kikuko thanked a lot of the staff members who helped create this CD.

Kikuko ended the CD by playing shiritori..


The "letter" by Kikuko (handwritten) says that she will become a mother in February. So she will take a break, but she will come back as a "genki na oneechan" to talk and sing in front of everyone.
"So please exercise your wrists until then."

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