Inoue Kikuko Classic

月刊お姉ちゃんといっしょ 増刊号

Pony Canyon PCCG-00406
2039 yen (including tax)
released 1997.05.16

[second press]
Pony Canyon PCCG-00408

This is a CD containing music (done in a classical style). It does not have any vocals.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Itsu no Hika (いつの日か)
  2. Fushigi na Omajinai (不思議なおまじない)
  3. Doki-Doki Wendenyan (Doki-Dokiウェンデにゃん)
  4. Ushiro Muki no Skip (うしろ向きのスキップ)
  5. Anata no Tame ni Dekirukoto (あなたのために出来ること)
  6. Choki no Kamisama (チョキの神さま)
  7. Toririn (トゥリンリン)
  8. Mori ga Yondeiruyo (森が呼んでいるよ)
  9. Hoshizora Keiyu de Todoketai (星空経由で届けたい)
  10. Kono Umi wo Oyoginagara (この海を泳ぎながら)
  11. Ganbatte Makenaide (がんばって負けないで)
  12. Yume Miru Pauline (夢見るポーリン)
This CD contains rearranged music of the songs that Inoue Kikuko had written. There are no vocals, just music arranged in a classical style.

The first pressing comes with a CD single Wendenyan Shougekijou (ウェンデにゃん小劇場), which has a short story spoken by Inoue Kikuko.

Wendenyan Shougekijou

total time 9:20
Wendenyan (young boy's voice) a stuffed animal dog
Yuri (little girl's voice) a young girl who owns Wendenyan, lives in the countryside

Wendenyan is doing the story telling.

A nuigurumi (stuffed doll) can move and talk if it is really loved by someone. But they weren't allowed to be seen by humans, otherwise they disappear.

One night, Yuri was walking home (with Wendenyan in Yuri's backpack). Yuri was singing, and Wendenyan was looking at the stars in the night sky. Then there was a loud noise (of cars), and it came closer and closer. Suddenly, Yuri fell.

Wendenyan went out of the backpack and spotted Yuri on the street, lying down. Then he decided to go to a nearby house to call for help. Wendenyan was too small to ring the doorbell, so he decided to knock on the door by crashing his body against the door.

The people of the house heard the sound and came out. Wendenyan was excitedly running around and yelled out that Yuri was hit by a car. The person saw Wendenyan and was shocked. Since Wendenyan had broken the rule, he began to vanish. But Yuri was carried by an ambulance and became healthy

Later Wendenyan was born again as Yuri's bento box

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