Private Song 2 Kagura

PRISM ARK Private Song Vol 2 神楽

released 2007.11.07
2100 yen

This CD contains an image song and an audio drama for the TV anime series Prism Ark.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. ただ傍にいるだけで (Tada soba ni irudakede)
  2. ただ傍にいるだけで classic version
  3. Shugo suru Kagura
  4. ただ傍にいるだけで off vocal
  5. Nabatame Hitomi Comment
Song by Nabatame Hitomi (生天目仁美).

The cast of the drama is as follows.

PreeciaSakakibara Yui
KaguraNabatame Hitomi
FellMizuhashi Kaori
BridgetAsumi Kana

The first track is a vocal track. The "classic version" is a slow instrumental track. "Shugo suru Kagura" is a 14 minute audio drama track.

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