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  • Inori no Violette

    Inori no Violette (Sakakibara Yui)

    released 2010.04.28
    1470 yen

    This CD contains the ending song to the Xbox 360 game Chaos; Head Love Chu Chu!

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Inori no Violette (祈りのヴィオレット)
    2. Innocence -Satsuriku no Souseiki Shihen Saishuushou Yori- (イノセンス -殺戮の創世記詩編 最終章より-)
    3. Zaika ni Keiyaku no Chi wo -Single Limited Version- (罪過に契約の血を)
    4. Inori no Violette (off Vocal)
    5. Innocence -Satsuriku no Souseiki Shihen Saishuushou Yori- (off Vocal)
    Songs by Phantasm (ファンタズム) [the rock band within the game]. The singer of Phantasm is the character Kishimoto Ayase (岸本あやせ), voice by Sakakibara Yui (榊原ゆい).

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