GWAVE 2012 2nd Memories

GWAVE 2012 2nd Memories

released 2013.07.26
3150 yen

This CD contains various theme songs for PC games.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. 愛、羽風、亞、美遊時空 -I Have A Music- [Sakakibara Yui]
  2. Shine Ring
  3. Love Adventure
  4. シアワセ定義
  5. Endless Field [Nao]
  6. キボウのソラ [Shimotsuki Haruka]
  7. 黄昏時のレイライン
  8. Lost Control
  9. Witch's Garden
  10. My Sweet Heart [Solfa feat. Shimotsuki Haruka]
  11. Blooming
  12. ミラクル☆ストーリー
  13. Pure Love, True Love [Nakae Mitsuki]
  14. Jet Loser
  15. 鋼の -Zero Infinity-
  16. Tonitrus
Songs by various artists and seiyuu.

The seiyuu participating are Sakakibara Yui (榊原ゆい), Shimotsuki Haruka, Nakae Mitsuki, Nao.


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