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  • Amagami SS+ plus always vol.01

    アマガミSS+ plus always vol.01

    released 2012.02.22
    1950 yen

    This 2 CD set contains character songs and BGM for the TV anime Amagami SS Plus (アマガミSS+ plus).

    The vocal tracks are on disc 1, and are as follows.

    1. Your Smile [Ayatsuji Tsukasa]
    2. Ice Cream Hiyori (アイスクリーム日和) [Sakurai Rihoko]
    3. SIMP-RISM [Nanasaki Ai]

    Songs by Ayatsuji Tsukasa (voice by Nazuka Kaori), Sakurai Rihoko (voice by Shintani Ryouko ), Nanasaki Ai (voice by Nogami Yukana ).

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