Anastasia (白鳥由里)

Apollon VPCG-84230
released 1994.08.21
3000 yen

This CD is a solo album by Shiratori Yuri (白鳥由里).

The songs are as follows.

  1. Anastasia
  2. Kaze no Omajinai (風のおまじない)
  3. Aoisora to Jitensha (青い空と自転車)
  4. Pokapoka Sou (ぽかぽか草)
  5. Tsuki no Tameiki ga Kikoetara (月のため息が聞こえたら)
  6. Sayonara Natsu no Mori (さよなら夏の森)
  7. Natsu no Yoru no Calpis (夏の夜のカルピス)
  8. Pink Tolmarin (ピンク・トルマリン)
  9. Aoiro no Mado (青色の窓)
  10. See You Again
  11. Eien no Mizuoto (永遠の水音)
  12. Yumeni Dekakeyou! (ユメニデカケヨウ!)

Yuri says..

The title came from the rearrangement of the letters from Taisetsuna (taisetsuna = important). I wanted to make it sound like a girl's name. The album is full of things that I like and treasure. Things that I like are bicycles, calpis, jewels, red tea, rain, wind.. This album is like a treasure box to me.

When I was singing Aoisora to Jitensha, I almost started crying because it was too difficult. But I didn't want to cry, so I went out for a little walk. Then I got lost and walked around for 30 minutes.

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