Charadio CD Shuffle! Verbena Gakuen Housoubu vol 4

キャラジオCD SHUFFLE! バーベナ学園放送部 vol 4

Lantis LACA-5459
released 2006.01.12
2200 yen

This is a talk CD, set in a radio show format, based on the game/anime Shuffle.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. オープニングテーマ Smile Smile
  2. オープニング〜新年のご挨拶〜
  3. フリートーク〜お便り紹介〜
  4. シアの食いしん坊バンザイ!
  5. ゲストコーナー〜投稿写真対決!!〜
  6. ネリネの食いしん坊バンザイ!
  7. エンディング
  8. おまけ・キャストフリーク

The first track is a vocal by Lisianthus, Nerine, Kaede, Asa, and Primula, "Smile Smile".

All the other tracks are talk. The personalities of the radio show are Lisianthus (Aoki Sayaka) and Nerine (Nagami Haruka). The guests on this CD are some of the other characters from Shuffle.

The last track is free talk by the seiyuu (as themselves).

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