Sky Girls Character Mini Album 1

Sky Girls Character Mini Album 1

released 2007.10.24
2300 yen

This is a mini album containing image songs for the TV anime Sky Girls.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Dreamin' Bird (Sakurano Otoha)
  2. Sora Iro no Michi (Sakurano Otoha)
  3. Someday, Sometime (Sakurano Otoha)
  4. Youthful Days (Elise Von Deitrich)
  5. Liebe -Ai- (Elise Von Deitrich)
  6. Fly Away (Elise Von Deitrich)
  7. Dreamin' Bird (off vocal version)
  8. Liebe -Ai- (off vocal version)
Songs by Sakurano Otoha (桜野音羽) [voice by Kawasumi Ayako (川澄綾子) ] and Elise Von Deitrich (エリーゼ・フォン・ディードリッヒ) [voice by Tsuji Ayumi].

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