Komorebi no Rosette

木漏れ日の花冠 (ロゼット)
Komorebi no Rosette

released 2009.02.04
3800 yen

This is CD+DVD package contains a solo album by Tamura Yukari (田村ゆかり).
This is Yukari's 7th album.

The CD tracks are as follows.

  1. 恋のアゲハ
  2. アンジュ・パッセ
  3. パピィラヴ
  4. バンビーノ・バンビーナ (Flower mode)
  5. エトランゼ
  6. Luminous Party
  7. Kiss Away 〜幻の森〜
  8. Tomorrow (Crown edit)
  9. 嘆きの丘
  10. Shooting Star
  11. Cherry Kiss
  12. ひとひらの恋
  13. 星降る夢で逢いましょう
The DVD contains videos of Yukari's event "Yukari-chan Matsuri" that took place in October 2008 (around 75 minutes). There are also 15 minutes of "making of" videos.

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