Chara de Rie

Chara de Rie (Tanaka Rie)

released 2003.09.10
3465 yen

This is a solo album by Tanaka Rie (田中理恵).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. かたことの恋-ちぃVer.-
  2. Let Me Be With You-ちぃVer.-
  3. そして世界は今日も始まる-ちぃVer.-
  4. 水の証-Acoustic Ver.-
  5. 静かな夜に
  6. JUDY
First press comes in a double CD case, containing a CD, a DVD and a small hankerchief. Instead of the usual booklet, there are 6 postcards the size of the CD case. There is one for each track, with photo(s) on the front and lyrics on the back.

The CD contains 6 tracks, featuring Rie versions of three Chobits songs, two from Gundam Seed, and a new track.

The DVD is in two parts, totalling about 8 minutes. First is a music video for ningyo hime (2nd Chobits ED), where she walks around in a white dress in a deserted part of a built up area. Second part is promotional for her album 24 Wishes. Random photos and video are shown to short clips of songs from the album.

Mackerel's comments:
Although I like the Chobits songs, I didn't find the rest of the album very interesting. Worth it more for the collectables than the music, I wouldn't recommend this unless you were a big fan of hers.

[information provided by Mackerel]

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