Radio A-La-Mode 1st Anniversary CD

Radio A-La-Mode 1st Anniversary CD (Tange Sakura)

released 2010.09.29
415 yen

This CD contains talk and audio drama by Tange Sakura (ð), based on her radio show Radio A-La-Mode.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Drama "Aki"
  2. Opening
  3. Free Talk
  4. Drama "Fuyu"
  5. Sakura no Tango de Healing
  6. Kuu Nikki
  7. Drama "Haru"
  8. Trolling to Curling
  9. Anata to One Scene
  10. Drama "Natsu"
  11. Ending
At the end of the CD, there are over 20 tracks of short CMs for the radio show.

The booklet contains many small photos of Sakura.

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