Primary (秋山久美)

Pioneer PICA-1124
3000 yen
released 1997.01.29

This is the first solo album by Akiyama Kumi (秋山久美).

The songs are as follows.

  1. Wild Blood
  2. Runner
  3. Okurete Kita Yuushatachi (遅れて来た勇者たち)
  4. True Love
  5. Junpaku no Coat (純白のコート)
  6. Weather Report
  7. Nijuuseiki ga Owattemo [New Mix] (二十世紀が終わっても)
  8. Sandome no Natsu (Last Chance) [New Version]
    三度目の夏 (ラスト・チャンス)
  9. Fuwa Fuwa (フワフワ)
  10. Proceed
  11. Persona
The first pressing comes with a cardboard case. The pictures on this case are the same as those in normal case, except that it is aligned vertically instead of horizontally.

Also some stores were giving away an Akiyama Kumi mousepad.

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