凛 (徳永愛)

released 1999.11.21
3000 yen

This is the first solo album by Tokunaga Ai (徳永愛).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. 凛 (Rin)
  2. Heartful Candy
  3. Emotional Love
  4. 避暑地の森の天使たち (Hishochi no Mori no Tenshi tachi)
  5. うぇるかむ! Super Lady (Welcome! Super Lady)
  6. 雨の午後でよかった (Ame no Gogo de Yokatta)
  7. Wake Up Soul
  8. "きっと..." (Kitto...)
  9. じゃあ、またね (Jaa, Matane)
  10. 涙のランチタイム (Namida no Lunchtime) [B.B.B ver]
  11. Heartful Candy [pororon ver]

Most songs are fast songs. Rin and Kitto.. are the only slow songs.

The last track is an instrumental (piano) version of Heartful Candy. No vocals on this track.

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