Motto Hadenine

Motto Hadenine (Motto☆派手にね!)

released 2008.10.29
1800 yen

SMCL-157 [CD]
1223 yen

This CD+DVD package contains the opening song to the TV anime Kannagi.

The tracks are as follows.
  1. Motto Hadenine (Motto☆派手にね!)
  2. Shiawase Sagashi (シアワセサガシ)
  3. Motto Hadenine (instrumental)
Songs by Tomatsu Haruka (戸松遥).
This is Haruka's second single.

The DVD contains a promo video of "Motto Hadenine", and two TV commercials (15 seconds and 30 seconds) for this CD. The promo video is 16:9 (wide screen).

There are three versions of this CD.

  • SMCL-155 contains the three track CD and the DVD.
  • SMCL-157 contains just the three track CD.
  • SMCL-158 [Kannagi Version] contains the four track CD and a 16 page Kannagi illustration booklet.

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