Third Planet

Third Planet (Sphere)

LASA-35131 [CD+BD]
released 2012.07.11
7800 yen

LASA-35134 [CD+DVD]
LASA-5131 [CD only]

This CD is the third album by the seiyuu group Sphere (スフィア).

There are three different packages for this album, CD+Bluray, CD+DVD, and CD only.

The CD tracks are as follows

  1. LET・ME・DO!!
  2. Hazy
  3. Planet Freedom
  4. Hello, My Love
  5. Non Stop Road
  6. Stop Motion
  7. Neo Eden
  9. Feathering me, Y/N?
  10. 虹色の約束
  11. 明日への帰り道
  12. GO AHEAD!!
The BD contains a promo video of "Planet Freedom" (around 5 minutes), and a digest video of the "Spring Party is Here!" event which took place on April 17, 2011 (around 40 minutes).

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