12 no Senritsu

12の旋律 (Sakurai Tomo)

Pony Canyon PCCG-470
released 1998.10.21
3059 yen

This is a solo album by Sakurai Tomo (桜井智) the first one that she produced herself.

The songs are as follows.

  1. Kuchibeni (くちべに)
  2. Orugoru (オルゴォル)
  3. Old Port Story (オールドポートストーリー)
  4. Lonely Birthday (ロンリィバースディ)
  5. Kuroi Boushi (黒い帽子)
  6. Glass no Marion (ガラスのマリオン)
  7. Sapphire no Yoru (サファイアの夜)
  8. Marseille Bleu
  9. Yoru no Renka (夜の恋歌)
  10. Ikoku no Matsuri (異国の祭)
  11. Girisha no Senritsu (ギリシャの旋律)
  12. Wakare no Senritsu (最期[わかれ]の旋律)
There is a cardboard sleeve over the plastic case. The front picture is the same as the CD booklet, but the back pictures of the sleeve and case are different.

The first 30,000 CDs came with one trading card. There are 3 different trading cards for this CD, and it is hidden inside the package.


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