80's Idol Japan 3

80's Idol Japan 3

Pony Canyon PCCA-01245
released 1998.11.06
2100 yen
approximately 74 minutes

This CD contains idol songs from the 1980s.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Give Me Up by BaBe
  2. -3℃ by Yuuyu
  3. あなたを知りたい (I Want to Know You) by Ushirogami Hikaretai
  4. 硝子(ガラス)のキッス (Glass Kiss) by Himenogi Rika
  5. ここだけの話〜オフレコ〜 (Talk Only Here - Ofureko) by Hatada Rie
  6. フィフティーン (Fifteen) by Nishida Hikaru
  7. 第一級恋愛罪 (Love in the First Degree) by Lemon Angel
  8. 麦わらでダンス (Mugiwara Dance) by Ikuina Akiko
  9. とまどい (Confusion) by Yoshida Mariko
  10. おこりんぼの人魚 (Irritable Mermaid) by Nito Yuko
  11. BLUE WIND by Odaka Megumi
  12. 悲しげだね (It's a Sad Look, Right?) by Asuka Gumi
  13. HELP by Tsuburaya Yuko
  14. Remember by the three Kazama sisters
  15. ティーンエイジ・セレナーデ (Teenage Serenade) by Satonaka Chami
  16. EQUALロマンス (Equal Romance) by CoCo
  17. リトル☆デイト (Little Date) by Ribbon
  18. 天使たちのシンフォニー (Angels' Symphony) by Rakutenshi
Sakurai Tomo (桜井智) appears as the lead singer of Lemon Angel.

[information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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