A KA MA RU Vol.6

A-KA-MA-RU Vol. 6

Pony Canyon DSP-35
released 1989.??.??
not for sale (for promotion only)
approximately 37 minutes

This promotional CD contains vocals by the jpop groups Beat Boys, Masaharu, Chage and Asuka, and Lemon Angel.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. "Dare Yorimo Lady Jane" sung by Beat Boys
  2. "Natsu no Tawagoto" sung by Beat Boys
  3. "Hurricane Girl" sung by Masaharu
  4. "Nagisa no Radio" sung by Masaharu
  5. "Love Song" sung by Chage and Asuka
  6. "Break an Egg" sung by Chage and Asuka
  7. "Natsu no Majo" sung by Lemon Angel
  8. "Ryuusei" sung by Lemon Angel
Sakurai Tomo () appears on tracks 7 and 8 as the lead singer of Lemon Angel.

[Information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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