Baby Baby

BABY, BABY (Sakurai Tomo)

released 1995.07.04
1000 yen

This CD contains the ending theme of Sakurai Tomo's radio show.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. BABY, BABY, 4'53"
    歌:桜井 智 (Sakurai Tomo)
  2. ちょっと幸福 {Chotto Happy}, 5'01"
    歌:桜井 智 (Sakurai Tomo)
  3. BABY, BABY (Karaoke), 4'53"
  4. ちょっと幸福 {Chotto Happy}, 4'59"
Songs by Sakurai Tomo (桜井智).

"BABY, BABY" is used as the ending theme of the TBS radio show "アニメExpress 〜ギャラクシーネットワーク〜" (Anime Express -Galaxy Network-).

[information provided by Sebastien Jarry]

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