Cherry Christmas

Cherry Christmas

released 1997.11.26
2625 yen
total time 64:00

This is a Christmas special CD, which is set up like a radio show, "Cherry Town Night" by the DJ "Cherry", done by Sakurai Tomo (桜井智). There are songs, drama, and even a guest. Sakurai Tomo comes as a guest to this radio show.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. プロローグ (Prologue)
  2. 「チェリー・タウン・ナイト クリスマススペシャル」スタート
    "Cherry Town Night Christmas Special" start
  3. 「クリスマスの夜に」(桜井智)
    "Christmas no Yoru ni" (Sakurai Tomo)
  4. 天気予報 (Tenki Yohou)
  5. CMその1 (CM sono 1)
  6. ゲストの桜井智さんです! (Guest no Sakurai Tomo-san desu!)
  7. 「こもれび物語」(桜井智)
    "Komorebi Monogatari" (Sakurai Tomo)
  8. 智ちゃんに質問 (Tomo-chan ni Shitsumon)
  9. CMその2 (CM sono 2)
  10. CMその3 (CM sono 3)
  11. ラジオドラマ「天保怪盗伝 闇夜の月太郎」
    Radio Drama "Tenpo Kaitouden Yamiyo no Tsukitarou"
  12. CMその4 (CM sono 4)
  13. BBDan の「笑いのツボ」 (BBDan no "Warai no Tsubo")
  14. 交通情報 (Koutsuu Jouhou)
  15. 「ラブ・コネクション」(桜井智)
    "Love Connection" (Sakurai Tomo)
  16. CMその5 (CM sono 5)
  17. あるリスナーからのTEL (Aru Listener kara no TEL)
  18. 「クリスマス・ドリーム」(桜井智)
    "Christmas Dream" (Sakurai Tomo)
  19. エピローグ (Epilogue)
  20. 「憧れに向かって(クリスマス・ファンタジー・ヴァージョン)」
    "Akogare ni Mukatte (Christmas Fantasy Version)"
    (Asakura Kaoru Engekidan)
This CD comes in a non-standard case. It's a folding cardboard case (like a trifold wallet), with the CD in the center. The inside is filled with 48 little pictures of Sakurai Tomo in a santa outfit. (VERY cute!) There is also a 16 page lyrics booklet with many color pictures of Tomo.

Track 6 is the "interview" of Tomo by Cherry. Tomo talks about the various upcoming events and CDs.
(This is like an advertisement track..)

Track 8 is also an "interview", with more personal questions.

Track 4 (weather report) is done by Moriya Hisoka, track 13 is a comedy "radio corner" done by Yuuseioujo (Moriya Hisoka and Hashimoto Asobi).

The 4 solo songs by Tomo and Akogare ni Mukatte are very good.

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