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  • Dog of Bay Vocal Album

    Dog of Bay Vocal Album

    Released 2001.02.21
    3150 yen

    This is a vocal CD containing songs from the Playstation2 game Dog of Bay.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. 星空 (Honda Minako)
    2. 愛の鎖 (Suzukaze Mayo)
    3. 真夜中のファンタジー
    4. 罪 (Sakurai Tomo, Yokoyama Chisa)
    5. この町を捨てて (Nakao Ryuusei)
    6. ラブ・ポーション
    8. 愛の奇跡〜ベスとジョニー〜
    9. 夜の月 (Sakurai Tomo, Yokoyama Chisa)
    10. 愛の砂漠 (Honda Minako)
    11. 無限の時間 (Suzukaze Mayo, Honda Minako, Kageyama Hironobu, Nakao Ryuusei, Sakurai Tomo, Yokoyama Chisa)

    This was an extremely expensive and hard-to-find disc. BTW, although it is not a Sakurai-san selection, I really liked "ai no kiseki".

    [information and comments provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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