Lemon Angel Midnight Secret Party 2

Lemon Angel Midnight Secret Party 2

Soeishinsha, 18L00210
Released 1988.??.??
1800 yen
37 minutes

This is an audio cassette tape (not a CD).

It consists solely of speaking voices.

The track selections are as follows.

Side A
  1. Welcome to the Secret Party
  2. Morning Call

    Lemon Angel 10 Years Later:

  3. Big Woman Erika's Selection
  4. Miki's 1,000,000 People Hokkaido Lecture

    Lemon Angel 60 Years Later:

  5. Aged Institution Lemon Angel
  6. Answering Machine Call
Side B
    Charging Interview:
  1. In the Room Under Guard

    Midnight Long-Running Drama:

  2. As For The Lemon Tree, Not Yet!
  3. Department Chief's Wish
  4. Nurse Academy Part 2
  5. Lemon Angel Talking to Public Entertainment Reporter
  6. Good Night Call

Sakurai Tomo () is a member of Lemon Angel.

[information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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