Lemon Angel First + Single Collection

Lemon Angel First + Single Collection

Pony Canyon PCCS-00010
released 2008.07.16
2100 yen

This CD is a re-release of the very rare Lemon Angel First CD. It also includes the later singles by Lemon Angel.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Tasogare Lonely
  2. Kataomoi no Sunset
  3. Tokai no Angel
  4. Lemon Angel no Escalation
  5. Indian Summer
  6. Tenshi ha Escape
  7. Lemon Angel no Gasshuku Report
  8. Hoshi no Orgel
  9. Ichigo no Boy
  1. Daiikkyuu Ren'aizai
  2. Lemon Hakusho
  3. Tokyo Rose '88
  4. Colorful Balance
  5. Handsome Girl
  6. Natsu no Majo
  7. Ryuusei
  8. Taiyou wo Agetai
  9. Don't Say Good Bye -Sayonara ha iwanaide-

This is a quality, inexpensive reissue that fans of Lemon Angel, who cannot locate the originals at a reasonable price, should desire to purchase.

[information provided by Gary Blickhan]

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