Lemon Angel Don't Say Goodbye

Lemon Angel Don't Say Goodbye

Pony Canyon PCCA-00056
2800 yen
released 1990.04.21
approximately 58 minutes

This is an album for the idol group Lemon Angel.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. 涙ノックアウト
  2. 第一級恋愛罪
  3. 天使はエスケープ (New Version)
  4. 東京ローズ '88
  5. ハンサム・ガール
  6. 夏の MAJO
  7. 流星
  8. 冬の宴 (カーニバル)
  9. レモン白書
  10. 指輪物語
  11. 紅茶物語
  12. 聖夜物語
  13. 太陽をあげたい (Single Version)
  14. Don't say good bye -さよならは言わないで-

Most tracks are included on previous Lemon Angel albums and singles, but of course, "Don't Say Goodbye" is new, and two other tracks have different versions as noted on the index.

[information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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