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  • Musical Wakakusa Monogatari

    Musical Wakakusa Monogatari

    TDK Records YKS-1C
    released 1992.11.10
    2000 yen

    This is the soundtrack album to the production Musical Wakakusa Monogatari (based on the American Civil War-era story "Little Women" of four sisters by Louisa May Alcott). This was a very limited production album and nearly impossible to find. The selections are typical of a high-energy musical stage production, although some of the solos are nice ballads.

    The main cast is as follows.

    MegKimura Tae
    JoYakushiji Youko
    BethSakurai Tomo
    AmyImazumi Rie

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Overture (Instrumental)
    2. Today is Christmas (4 Sisters and Chorus)
    3. Tooki Wagaya no Hohoemi (Father's Song)
    4. Lauren's Present (Chorus)
    5. Akogare no Butoukai (Meg and Chorus)
    6. Jo and Laurie's Duet (Dance Number)
    7. Hazukashigariya no Beth (Beth Solo)
    8. Ki Muzukashiya no Watashi (Lauren's Solo)
    9. Itsuka Kokoro ni Piano ga (Beth Solo)
    10. Melody wo Arigatou (Lauren's Solo)
    11. Amy ha Nani to Iu Koto wo! (Chorus)
    12. Kenka mo Tama ni ha (Mother, 4 Sisters and Chorus)
    13. Namake Mono no Isshuukan (4 Sisters and Chorus)
    14. Kanashii Toki mo, Ureshii Toki mo (Duet)
    15. Merry Christmas (Mother, 4 Sisters, Chorus and Others)
    16. Wakakusa Monogatari (Finale) (Entire Cast)

    [information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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