Hitasura Seiyuu Shigan -Special CD-


Pony Canyon PCCA-1103
released 1997.04.18
2853 yen
total time 37:27

This CD is based on the comedy live action video Hitasura Seiyuu Shigan, in which Sakurai Tomo (桜井智) plays the role of a girl who wants to become a seiyuu. It contains three vocals, one long drama, several BGM, and two audition tracks.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Hitotsumami no Spice (ひとつまみのスパイス)
  2. Seishun [ano koro] (青春 [あのころ])
  3. Kibou [kore kara] (希望 [これから])
  4. CD drama "Mahou no - Maabou Sekai Isshuu Oishiizo Daibouken"
  5. "Hitasura Seiyuu Shigan" Opening Theme
  6. Sister Miina no Theme (シスターみいなのテーマ)
  7. Sanjoukawara Niina no Theme (三条河原ニーナのテーマ)
  8. Gaya no Teiou no Theme (ガヤのテーマ)
  9. Seiyuu Oshou no Theme (声優和尚のテーマ)
  10. "Hitasura Seiyuu Shigan" Ending Theme
  11. audition drama: "Mahou no Maabou - Sekai Isshuu Oishiizo Daibouken" male version
    オーディション・ドラマ「魔法のマー坊〜世界一周おいしいぞ大冒険〜」 (男性用バーション)
  12. audition drama: "Mahou no Maabou - Sekai Isshuu Oishiizo Daibouken" female version
    オーディション・ドラマ「魔法のマー坊〜世界一周おいしいぞ大冒険〜」 (女性用バーション)
The first pressing of this CD comes with a picture CD of Sakurai Tomo. The CD booklet has many pictures of Tomo, in various outfits.

Hitotsumami no Spice, Ano Koro, and Kore Kara are vocals by Sakurai Tomo.

Track 4 is a drama, which is about 13 minutes long. The cast is as follows.

MaabouKoyasu Takehito
RaichiSakurai Tomo
MasterOkano Kousuke
KudoShibuya Shigeru
underlingInotsume Naoyuki
underlingMoriya Hisoka
underlingHariu Yoshimitsu
narrationKoyasu Takehito

Tracks 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are music.

Tracks 11 and 12 are the audition tracks, around 1:30 each. This is an audition to get the chance to perform with Sakurai Tomo in a radio drama (and to join the Asakura Kaoru Engekidan). The people who want to try out must record their voices on a cassette tape and send it in, along with the application tickets (included in this CD and the video/LD - one has to buy both this CD and either the video or LD).

Track 11 is the for the males, as it is missing the male voice. Track 12 is missing the female voice. The script is included in the CD booklet.