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  • Tomo-dachi Radio on CD -Valentine Special-

    TOMO だちラジオ on CD 〜Valentine Special〜

    Victor VICL-23122
    released 1997.01.22
    2300 yen
    about 59 minutes

    This CD is set up like a radio show by Sakurai Tomo (桜井智).

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Opening (オープニング)
    2. Kyou no Omoide "Kodomo no Koro no Valentine"
    3. Sakurai-sensei no Moshi Moshi? Hai Hai! Kakudai Enchou ban
    4. CM 1
    5. Tomo-chan no Oshaberi Time (智ちゃんのおしゃべりTIME)
    6. TOMO Raji CD Special Drama -Sensei Tachi no Himitsu-
    7. Kyou no Omoide "10 Denmae no Valentine"
    8. Kuishinbou Club Special (食いしん坊クラブスペシャル)
    9. [SONG] Koi no Recipe ha Daitan Futeki (恋のレシピは大胆不敵)
    10. CM 2
    11. TOMO Raji CD Special Drama -Kokuhaku no Yukue-
    12. Kyouno Yume "Mirai no Valentine" (今日の夢「未来のバレンタイン」)
    13. Ending (エンディング)
    14. [SONG] TOMO-dachi (TOMOだち)
    There is a track 15, which is silent for the most part. Then at the end, Tomo says that the chocolate was delicious.

    This CD comes in a scented thin cardboard foldout package, which is a little taller than a normal plastic CD case. An 8 page lyrics and picture booklet is attached inside the cardboard case. There are many pictures of Tomo in front of a radio studio mike, and Tomo cooking some cookies.

    There are some drama tracks with several characters, but Tomo does the voices of all of the characters. There are little girls, a junior high girl, an office lady, school teachers, a mother, and even some male characters, as Tomo shows off her great range of voices.

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