エクウス (冬馬由美)

VAP VPCG-84231
released 1994.09.01
3000 yen

This is a solo album by Touma Yumi (冬馬由美).

Album's tracks are as follows.

  2. 雨のように 涙のように
  3. つぶやき
  5. モッキンバード
  6. セピア色のデ・ジャ・ヴ
  7. South Side Window
  8. 青い瞳
  9. 60分のメリーゴーランド
  10. Happiness and Very Kind
Yumi wrote all the lyrics besides the ones for Stray Town, モッキンバード and South Side Window (Mikula).

The first pressing includes the following.

  • A 16 page color lyrics booklet with some little shots of Yumi strolling along a city's street, shopping, leaning against a Porsche (very good) and such.
  • A 4 page color booklet containing the intro message from Yumi-chan.

Ryo's opinions

This is her first solo-album. It's arranged very well although inferior to the excellent 「風のように」 Kaze no Youni, where the disco and melodic component was even more exalted.

Generally all the songs are fast and upbeat, besides some very sweet tracks as "Mokkinbaado" and "Aoi hitomi". Regarding the rythmics, there is rock, slow rock, dance, disco and slow brasilian percussion (セピア色のデ・ジャ). Therefore, you won't get tired listening to it. The composer did a good job, and so Yumi-chan, though she did her best in Kaze no youni.

My prefered songs are "Myself" (terrific..of course, it's the first track!), "Happiness and Very Kind" (its arrangement reminds an old song, "Nothing gonna change my love for you") and the cute, dreamy, "Mokkinbaato", "60分のメリーゴーランド" also excites me.

[information provided by Ryo (Gianluca Tabbita)]

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