love your life, love my life

love your life, love my life (Toyosaki Aki)

released 2011.06.01
3500 yen

This CD is the first solo album by Toyosaki Aki (豊崎愛生).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Hello Allo
  2. Shunpuu SHUN PU (春風)
  3. Alright
  4. Nanika ga Sora wo Tondekuru (何かが空を飛んでくる)
  5. march
  6. Magical Circle
  7. Patisserie (パティシエール)
  8. Boku wo Sagashite (ぼくを探して)
  9. Kaleidoscope (カレイドスコープ)
  10. Kataomoi no Theme (片思いのテーマ)
  11. Dill
  12. Kimi ni Arigatou (君にありがとう)
  13. love your life
The first pressing comes with a DVD.

The DVD is around 30 minutes, and contains the following.

  • The life of "love your file, love my life"
    This is a "making of" type clip with videos of Aki in the studio, and other places. She talks about making this "album". Aki also talks a little about each of her previous singles.
  • Shunpuu Music Clip -extra ver.-
    This music clip has the camera at a Aki on a white background during the entire song.

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