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  • Tenshi in your Heart / Futari Dake no Moon

    Tenshi in your Heart / Futari Dake no Moon

    Avex Records AVCA-14162
    Released 2001.07.25
    1260 yen

    This CD contains character songs for the TV anime Chance Triangle Session.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Tenshi in your heart (天使 in your heart)
    2. Futari Dake no Moon (ふたりだけの Moon)
    3. Tenshi in your heart (backing track)
    4. Futari Dake no Moon (backing track)
    Songs by Iizuka Mayumi (飯塚雅弓).

    First pressing goodies is a character/seiyuu double-flap card. One side has a smaller version of the CD single cover on the left and the other has the seiyuu. Mayumi isn't smiling, so it kind of ruins the image... it's OK, though. ^_^;

    The cover has Akari in a pink dress with wings out of her back. The color scheme is blue-ish/gray, so it's very dark... which isn't like Akari too much. I just don't like how it was set up, so this is my least favorite cover out of all the CTS singles.

    [information provided by Emily K.]

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