Chance Triangle Session Vocal Album

Chance Triangle Session Vocal Album

released 2001.10.03
3059 yen

This CD contains vocals for the TV anime Chance Triangle Session.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Pure Blue (Iizuka Mayumi)
  2. Tenshi in your heart (Iizuka Mayumi)
  3. Woo Yeah Woo Woo Ah (Enomoto Atsuko)
  4. Objection (Yamamoto Maria)
  5. Love Forever (Iizuka Mayumi, Enomoto Atsuko, Yamamoto Maria)
  6. Priority (Kouda Mariko)
  7. Spread (Kouda Mariko)
  8. Futari Dake no Moon (Iizuka Mayumi & Koyasu Takehito)
  9. Difference (Enomoto Atsuko)
  10. Sayonara no 1/2 (Yamamoto Maria)
  11. Gate to the Dream (Ueda Kana)
Songs by Iizuka Mayumi (Ͳ), Enomoto Atsuko (ܲ), Yamamoto Maria (Τ), Kouda Mariko (Ԣĥޥ), Koyasu Takehito (Ұ), Ueda Kana (IJ).

[comments by Emily K.]

I've only heard this CD very briefly from a friend, so I don't remember details about each song. There are a few notable songs, however. ^_^ The style of mostly all these songs are typical pop -- this series, after all, is about idol singers.

All of the character songs are very nice. My favorite songs, though, are Reika's songs (Kouda Mariko's character). Both songs are excellent, although I prefer "Priority" over "Spread." They're both pop, and mix in techno sounds a bit... Mariko has a very nice pop voice for those songs. ^_^

The best song, however, is Ueda Kana's "Gate to the Dream," for her character, Jun. It's a shame that Jun only has one song. It's an extremely catchy pop song... it's not too different from the Mariko songs I like on this CD, but the chorus is extremely infectious... ^_^; I could listen to this for a while.

As CTS focuses on idol singers, you should probably get this CD if you're a fan. If you also like any of the seiyuu that sing on this, it's also something you should get; they all have very great songs. ^_^ (I personally love both of Enomoto Atsuko's.)

[information provided by Emily K.]

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