Bright Canary

Bright Canary (Yui Kaori)

released 2015.11.04
3700 yen+tax

This CD+bluray disc package contains the third album by the seiyuu unit Yui Kaori (ゆいかおり), made up of Ogura Yui (小倉唯) and Ishihara Kaori (石原夏織).

The CD tracks are as follows.

  1. Baisoku ∞ Love Straight (倍速∞ラブストレート)
  2. Ring Ring Rainbow!
  3. Canary (カナリア)
  4. Telephone Call [Ishihara Kaori]
  5. Liar Sheep (ライアーシープ) [Ogura Yui]
  6. New World
  7. Lucky Ducky!
  8. Orion Kara Message (オリオンからのメッセージ)
  9. Intro Situation
  10. Rainy Day
  11. Neo Signalife
  12. Billion-Carat
The lyrics booklet has many color photos of Yui and Kaori.

The DVD and bluray versions came with a 36 page, all color, mini photo collection booklet.

The DVD/BD contains over 40 minutes of videos (promo videos and making of video).

  • Canary
  • Lucky Ducky!
  • Intro Situation
  • Neo Signalife
  • Ring Ring Rainbow!
  • Making of Bright Canary

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