Mizutamari ni Utsuru Sekai

水たまりに映るセカイ (堀江由衣)

released 2000.12.21
3059 yen

This is the first solo album by Horie Yui (堀江由衣).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Sakura
  2. Insistence
  3. Ohayou
  4. Lovely
  5. Kigokochi no Warui Koinante
  6. Yakusoku -Eternal promise-
  7. Sentakuki no Nakakara
  8. Ai no Katachi
  9. Squall Crawl
  10. Happy Happy Rice Shower -type yui-
  11. I Wish
  12. Happy Love to You
The first pressing comes in a clear plastic case, and there is a 24 page, all color, stiff paper photo collection of Yui. As for the pictures in the photo collection and the lyrics booklet, they didn't try to make her look cute. Yui is looking expressionless on purpose. Some of the photos are pretty scary.

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