Silky Heart

Silky Heart (Horie Yui)

released 2009.01.28
1890 yen

1200 yen [CD only]

This CD+DVD package contains the second opening song for the TV anime Toradora (とらドラ!).

The CD tracks are as follows.
  1. Silky Heart
  2. Love Countdown
  3. Hoshizora to Pajama (ほしぞらとパジャマ)
  4. Silky Heart [off vocal]
  5. Love Countdown [off vocal]
  6. Hoshizora to Pajama [off vocal]
Songs by Horie Yui (堀江由衣).

The DVD contains the promo video of "Silky Heart".
The video is 720x480 (4:3 aspect), but has black bands on the top and bottom.

Yui dances the song in a school girl like outfit, with four backdancers. They dance in a dark staircase, outside on the roof, and in a school hallway.

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