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  • Orikasa Ai Voice Collection CD-ROM

    折笠愛 ボイスコレクション

    Kobi KB-006
    4800 yen
    released 1995.12.08

    This CD ROM is part of the Voice Collection series.

    It has voice samples, still images, and movie files of Orikasa Ai (折笠愛).

    This CD ROM is a hybrid ISO 9660 and Macintosh format.

    It also has some tracks that can be heard on a normal CD player. If you are listening to it on a CD player, you will get:

      [NO data yet]

    [some comments by Michael Studte]

    Orikasa Ai's Voice Collection is a bargain and features a veritable plethora of beautiful pictures, with Ai-chan in everything from a cocktail waitress suit, via a gorgeous wedding dress, to a very colourful kimono. Also, there is a picture gallery of Ai and Mizutani Yuko together (very very beautiful!).

    Voice samples, as usual, abound, and are fantastic (haven't listened to them all yet). In fact, this one has more sub-sections of sound samples than any of the other VC's I've seen. Everything from baby (super-hyper-cute) to Ryoko, not to mention a "gaijin" directory (lots of English and badly pronounced Japanese).

    The program itself continues to improve, featuring voice samples, a "Random Talker" (with both Ai-chan and Mizutani Yuko in a drinking establishment), slideshow/gallery of the pictures, Profile and an interesting multiple-choice game... ^_^

    Many of the sound samples and video segments are not accessible from the program itself, but that's okay, they're meant to be accessed by Windows itself, anyway.

    Best sound sample: "Unbeliiiiiiiiievable!" (in English)
    Worst sound sample: "Sunovabeeeeeeeeeach!" (also in, ummmm, English) ^_^
    Total data size: 145Mb

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