Elegant Fish for CD-ROM

Elegant Fish for CD-ROM

Pony Canyon K58P5183
5800 yen
released 1994.07.06

This Inoue Kikuko (׻) CD ROM comes in a LD sized case (just like a LD sleeve). The CD ROM itself is in a soft case.

This CD ROM is in Macintosh format. You cannot read it on PCs and UNIX without special software.

This CD ROM contains the follwing.

  • Elegant Fish
  • Another Elegant Fish
  • Okaerinasai Photo Session
Elegant Fish is the quicktime movie of the video/LD that came out in March. It is approximately 15 minutes.

Another Elegant Fish is the quicktime movie of the video that a few people won as a present. This is the making of version of Elegant Fish. (Many people say this is better than Elegant Fish itself.) It is also approximately 15 minutes.

Okaerinasai photo session are 16 still images in pict format, and two quicktime movies of Kikuko during the photo session for the Okaerinasai single. One of the quicktime movies has Kikuko talking while she is watching the quicktime itself.

Also the CD ROM package comes with 5 LD sized pictures.

  • One picture is identical to the cover of "okaerinasai".
  • One picture has Kikuko sitting on a dock in blue checkered clothes with white apron, stretching her arms.. lovely.
  • One picture has Kikuko sitting down on the grass.
  • One picture has Kikuko walking on the grass.
  • One picture is a split picture (actually two pictures). It has Kikuko walking a bicycle and Kikuko sitting on a bench holding open a large book.

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