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  • Pre Stage

    Pre Stage Maki

    by Premium A
    2000 yen
    on sale 2001.??.??

    This is Makiguchi Youko's CDROM that came out sometime in spring (or early summer) of 2001.

    There is a total of 41 MB of data on this CD-ROM. It's mostly jpeg pictures (131 large jpegs), and one 12 MB mpeg1 movie.

    There are photos of Makiguchi Youko (ƻ) cosplaying in some anime outfits and some other generic outfits. There are photos of Youko wearing a cat girl outfit, a Card Captor Sakura school uniform, a swimsuit, a nurse oufit, a Hoshino Ruri uniform (Nadesiko), a sailor fuku, and a Shoujo Kakumei Utena outfit.

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