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  • Radio ROM Brunch 1

    [1 cover] Radio ROM Brunch 1

    4800 yen
    released 1998.01.26

    At some stores, a B3 sized poster was given away with the CD-ROM.

    [information provided by Joe Petrow]

    This was the first of a year long monthly series of Seiyuu CD-ROM shows called "RajiRom" There are six separate RajiRom series, named after different times in the day, ranging from Morning to Midnight. The series featuring Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿) is titled Brunch. Currently, the CD-ROM is only sold in Windows 95 format, but the audio tracks of the CD can also be played with a normal CD player.

    The CD-ROM also comes with a nice picture of Machiko in the studio, with her co-host "Sugar", with a handwritten message from Machiko written on the back:
    "Welcome to RajiRom Brunch! Please spend a pleasent brunchtime with me."

    Running the program brings up a graphic set resembling a television set. On the side there is a control panel that allows users to select from one of the eight "tracks" on this program. Along the bottom is a marquee that occasional scrolls messages from Machiko along with the program. (This is probably the only part that won't work right on non-Japanese OS)

    Most of the channels are just audio, with occasional pictures flashed on the screen. But the "Machiko to Sugar no Kore ga Oki ni Iri" channel is a full-motion AVI movie. (this movie doesn't seem to play very well outside of the RajiRom program. I wonder if that is by design...)

    The vocal tracks are roughly 50 minutes total.


    Machiko has a talk with...some guy. (^_^;) They talk about what comes before breakfast and lunch. Machiko has the "bu" part right, but has a difficulty time coming up with the correct word, without the help of a dictionary.

    Then some pictures from the studio, which is decorated as a kitchen where one might be eating brunch, flash on the screen, as Machiko introduces us to RajiRom Brunch. She says that she's done radio before, but this is the first time she's done a CD-ROM series. The main difference is that with this, they are able to display images. Machiko says she's used to speaking, but she's not very good at being on camera. so she's a little nervous.

    Otayori Corner da yo!

    Machiko says that even though this is the first time, she already has letters. The first one was from a fan who said that he didn't have a computer, but said that his old brother had a Mac, so he would get him to tape the contents for him to listen to. Machiko said that this was Windows software, and that it couldn't be played on a Mac. But the tracks on this CD would also work on a normal CD player, so he could listen to it even without a Windows computer.

    The next letter was from a jukensei (student cramming for exams) asking for some encouragement. Machiko said she remembers those times, and told them to try their best.

    The next person had sent in a postcard with a drawing of Machiko, which was shown on the screen. Machiko said that when she received illustrated postcards on her radio shows, she never knew of a good way to convey them to the listeners, so she's very happy to be able to show them directly to the users with the CD-ROM. She's waiting for more...

    The last letter was from someone who had recently purchased Sentimental Graffiti Live CD. Fans were chanting "Manami!" (Machiko plays a character named Sugihara Manami in Sentimental Graffiti) He wondered whether Machirin prefers to be called by her name or her characters name at times like this. Machiko says either is fine, but normally (when she's not doing a character) she prefers to be called "Machirin" or "Toyoshima-san" or such, but during a Sentimental Graffiti event either is fine, as she's just happy to hear her name being called.

    Machiko no Brunchtime

    Machiko explained what "brunch" was, sort of like a late-morning breakfast. Machiko said that she actually ate "brunch" much of the time, as she usually ate too late for it to be considered breakfast.

    This portion was kind of like a cooking show, as Machiko prepared various kinds of brunch. This was a specialty of one of the members of the staff, "Sanshoku Toast" This was three different kinds of toast, prepared separately, but served at once. The screen showed various stages of preparation, showing the ingredients, and parts of cooking. Machiko made French Toast, Bacon Toast, and Egg Toast.

    Machiko asked for either other brunch recipes, or restaurants that had good brunch items for future RajiRom Brunch shows.

    Kongetsu no Oshirase

    This is the corner for giving information on Shoeisha and Toyoshima Machiko news.

    On February 26th, Shoeisha is releasing Ayakaji Ningen for the Sega Saturn. There were various pictures from this game shown on the screen, as well as for the March 26th game Princess of Darkness for the Playstation.

    As for Machiko, she said that the game Sentimental Graffiti had already been released...probably. (^_^;)

    Machiko no Digital Theater

    This was a drama called "Akanai Ninki" (The diary that wouldn't open) This was augmented by various pictures shown on the screen.

    Today, the character had found a diary from long ago, three years ago. She remembered that this was the diary where she wrote her thoughts from when she was going out with that person. She tried to remember where the key was to open the diary. She thought back to what was in the diary, all the thoughts she had from that time. All the things she wanted to say to that person, but couldn't. Back then, she couldn't ask the things she wanted, or say "I want to see you" when she wanted to see him. She wrote all of those things like, "It would have been better if I had cried." or "I wish I had said this..."

    She wondered if she couldn't open the diary anymore. She tried very hard to find the key, but she couldn't find it. She recalls they broke up after only a year together. So this diary was a fossil of those times (?) She tried to resolve herself that she couldn't open the diary, but she kind of wanted to meet herself from three years ago once again. She says shes become a lot more "sunao" over those three years. She wonders what she should do with this diary she can't open. Throw it away? After all, it won't open anymore. But...she couldn't throw it away, and she point it back in her desk, where it sleeps today.

    Machiko asked how the play was. Machiko said that the pictures that showed up in the Digtal Theater were taken by Machiko with a digital camera. And this episode was written Machiko as well.

    "Fiction? Nonfiction? I'll leave it up to you to decide."

    Machiko asked for comments on this Digital Theater, as well as ideas, pictures, or even stories to use for future Digital Theaters.

    Machiko to Sugar no Kore ga Oki ni Iri

    This part is a three-minute full-motion video, dedicated to things Machiko is interested in. It cannot be played on a normal CD player.

    She introduced her friend Sugar, a small white rabbit, for whom Machiko did the voice.

    Machiko pointed at a shoe on the table, and asked Sugar what it was. Sugar said, "It's a shoe" Machiko said yes, but it's a very special shoe. Sugar said, "Oh it's an Air Max."

    Machiko thought these shoes were very cool and wanted them very much. She said they are very easy to run and exercise in. But since Sugar is a rabbit, he doesn't need shoes to hop around...

    Machiko asked Sugar to guess how she got these shoes. Sugar had something bad in mind...but Machiko had gotten them by mail order. Sugar said, "So it came from America?" Machiko said that all Air Max come from America!

    Sugar wasn't impressed, he would have preferred caviar. Machiko started to pout...Sugar said, "It's just shoes!" Machiko tried to explain, but Sugar wouldn't listen, and ended the segment himself.

    Omake Corner

    Since this is the introduction, this month they introduced the staff. The audio was accompanied by pictures of the staff.


    Machiko said that the preparation for the Digital Theater took a lot of time, but everything came off as a "homemade" show, so Machiko was pleased with the results. Machiko was waiting for everybodys opinion. She then gave the address for sending postcards, and the URL for the RajiRom webpage.

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