Radio ROM Brunch 8

[8 cover] Radio ROM Brunch 8

4800 yen
released 1998.08.26

There were two parts to this volume. The one part was made up of the talk and pictures from the public recording event, and the other part was made up of talk and pictures of Machiko in Hokkaido.

The opening was a movie file of Machiko in Hokkaido.

The second track had talk and stills from the public recording. The pictures aren't that good..

The next section was the "otayori corner", and the content was from the public recording. There was one crowd shot.

The next coner was the "digital theater" corner, and it had the skit from the public recording.

The next corner had lots of pictures from Hokkaido. Machiko eating ramen, Machiko going to an onsen (but no pictures of Machiko taking a bath..), Machiko eating dinner.

The next corner had Machiko reading letters (from Hokkaido). There were lots of nature pictures. Machiko in the fields, mountains.

The last corner had a message from Machiko and Sugar (from Hokkaido).

At some stores, a B3 sized poster was given away with the CD-ROM.

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