Radio ROM Midnight 3

[3 cover] Radio ROM Midnight 3

4800 yen
released 1998.03.25

The guest was Shiratori Yuri. Some of the information from the talk is as follows..

Yuri is working on a new album. She wants to release a "best" album, 5 or 6 years after her first album.

Akiko recently sang on the Nekomusume vocal albums.

The first time that Yuri and Akiko worked together was on the OAV Gall Force New Century. Then they worked on Saber Marionette But they weren't that close friends at that time. What got them together was "food" (along with Hayashibara Megumi). They set up a trip to Kobe to eat beef, and they became good friends after that.

Some of the pictures taken by the digital camera were: Shiratori Yuri's phone, bear, Christmas tree, Macintosh, Post Pet bear, baby G watch (there were a lot of watches).

At some stores, a B3 sized poster was given away with the CD-ROM.

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