Brave Heart

Brave Heart

released 2001.12.29
1200 Yen

Brave Heart is a song from Shaman King.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Brave Heart, 4'14"
  2. きらめくかけら {Kirameku Kakera}, 4'43"
  3. Brave Heart -Moonlit Version-, 4'25"
  4. Brave Heart (Karaoke), 4'14"
  5. きらめくかけら {Kirameku Kakera} (Karaoke), 4'43"
  6. Brave Heart -Moonlit Version- (Karaoke), 4'23"
Songs by Hayashibara Megumi (林原めぐみ).

The first pressing of this CD comes with a promotion card of Shaman King.

[information provided by Sebastien Jarry]

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