Catch Up Dream

Catch Up Dream (Tange Sakura)

released 1998.03.27
971 yen+tax

This is a solo single by Tange Sakura (丹下桜).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Catch Up Dream
  2. Sorega Anatano Iitokoro (それがあなたのいいところ)
  3. Catch Up Dream (karaoke)
  4. Sorega Anatano Iitokoro (karaoke)
Sakura wrote the lyrics to both of these songs.

"Catch Up Dream" is the ending song to the radio show Club Tokimeki Memorial.

"Sorega Anatano Iitokoro" is an insert song to the game "Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series vol.2 -Irodori no Love Song-".

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