Douzo Konomama


Starchild KIDA-111
1000 yen
released 1995.08.23
Total Time: 19:30

This is a solo single by Tominaga Miina (冨永み〜な).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. どうぞこのまま (歌: 冨永みーな)
  2. もう一度抱きしめて... (作詩 & 歌: 冨永みーな)
  3. どうぞこのまま (カラオケ)
  4. もう一度抱きしめて... (カラオケ)

Miina wrote the lyrics for Mouichido Dakishimete.

The covers are photos of Miina, it seems she's totally nude.

[information provided by Sebastien Jarry, 2000.07.07]

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