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  • Egao de Aishiteru

    笑顔で愛してる (國府田マリ子)

    Konami KIDA-7624
    1020 yen
    released 1997.06.04

    This is Kouda Mariko 's fifth single.

    The songs are as follows.

    1. Egao de Aishiteru (笑顔で愛してる)
    2. Dore dake Aisareruka Ja Nakute (どれだけ愛されるかじゃなくて)
    3. Egao de Aishiteru (karaoke)
    4. Dore dake Aisareruka Ja Nakute (karaoke)
    The front of the CD has a monochrome picture of Kouda Mariko, wearing a black tank top, with an expressionless look on her face. The back has Kouda in the same outfit, smiling, with her hands covering her mouth.

    Egao de Aishiteru is upbeat, but not as upbeat as her other singles. Dore dake Aisareruka Ja Nakute is a slow ballad.

    [information provided by Joe Petrow.]

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