Kaeri Michi

帰り道 (長崎萠)

Sony Records SRDL-4414
released 1997.09.21
1020 yen

This is the second solo single by Nagasaki Moe (長崎萠).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. 帰り道 [Kaeri Michi] 4:15
  2. 遊びに行こうよ [Asobi ni Ikouyo] 3:50
  3. Kaeri Michi (original karaoke) 4:15
  4. Asobi ni Ikouyo (original karaoke) 3:50
Kaeri Michi is a happy, medium ballad, and Asobi ni Ikouyo a very cute and cheerful song. They are very different from the songs on Moe's debut single.

The front of the CDsingle case has a close up of Moe wearing a red checkered one-piece over a black sweater. [VERY CUTE!]

The back has an upper body picture of Moe wearing the checkered one-piece over a white long sleeve shirt.

The song Asobi ni Ikouyo is also a TV commercial song for Mini Stop (a convenience store).

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