Every Brand New Day

Every Brand New Day (Adachi Mari)
Girls Be Up! (Appu^2)

released 1999.07.22
1020 yen (5% tax included)

This CD single contains the OP and ED songs for the TV version of Kakyuusei.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Every Brand New Day (安達まり)
  2. Girls Be Up! (あっぷ^2)
  3. Every Brand New Day [karaoke]
  4. Girls Be Up! [karaoke]

This CD comes with a card (same size as the CDsingle jacket) with a picture of Ai in her school uniform.

Appu^2 is a group of ten new seiyuu. The front and back jacket pictures have the girls from Appu^2, but there is no picture of Adachi Mari. (I think some of the Appu^2 girls do minor voices in Kakyuusei.)

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