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  • Sakura Taisen OAV Double CD Single

    お祭りダンス (真宮寺さくら)
    わたしの青空 (藤枝あやめ)

    Marvelous Entertainment MJDA-90001
    1260 yen (5% tax included)
    released 1998.01.21

    This is a two CD single set for the Sakura Taisen OAV series. It contains the ending song Watashi no Aozora and the insert song Omatsuri Dance.

    The tracks for disc 1 (the ED disc) are:
    1. Watashi no Aozora (わたしの青空)
    2. Watashi no Aozora [original karaoke]
    3. talk by Fujieda Ayame
    The tracks for disc 2 (the insert song disc) are:

    1. Omatsuri Dance (お祭りダンス)
    2. Omatsuri Dance [original karaoke]
    3. talk by Shinguuji Sakura

    In the "talk" tracks, Ayame and Sakura describe some of the story of the Sakura Taisen OAV series.

    The packaging is a trifold package which has two "front covers". One cover has a picture of Sakura, and the other cover has a picture of Ayame.

    There are lots of pictures from Sakura Taisen inside.

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