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  • Teno Hira no Uchuu

    手のひらの宇宙 (岩男潤子)
    Dream Dream

    Pony Canyon PCDAX-00001
    1050 yen (5% tax included)
    released 1997.07.18

    This is a CDsingle which contains 2 songs, 1 karaoke track, and some computer data.

    The audio tracks are:

    1. 手のひらの宇宙 (Teno Hira no Uchuu)
    2. Dream Dream
    3. Teno Hira no Uchuu [original karaoke]
    Teno Hira no Uchuu is the ending song to the anime Key the Metal Idol volume 15. This a very nice song, very fitting for the ending of a long OAV series.

    Dream Dream is also a good song.

    The computer data has the following:

    • A HTML "diary" of Junko's recordings.
      [text and pictures come to about 1 MB, uses frames]
      This covers the period from April 26 to May 25. There are lots of little pictures of Junko. The April 26 page is about Junko's seiyuu collection event, where she played her guitar-lele and sang.
    • A quicktime movie file of "Dream Dream" (music video).
      [20.8 MB]
      There are lots of scenes of Junko singing and playing, and of the photo sessions for the jacket.
    • A photo library containing 12 pictures of Junko, most of them close ups. Very nice pictures.
      [the individual pictures aren't accessible on the disk.. they seem to be hidden inside an executable.]

    Unfortunately, I can't mount this CD on my UNIX machines..
    [works fine with Windows 95]

    This is a "must buy" for Iwao Junko fans (who have computers).

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