KONOHANA: True Report 1

Title KONOHANA: True Report episode 1
Subtitle Shinbunbu no Kiki (新聞部の危機)
Aired 2001.04.08
  • Summary version 0.8 by Hitoshi Doi, 2001.04.09

Meguru was disappointed about Konohana Gakuen. It was a school which was mostly girls, but the girls weren't acting feminine at all. Meguru and Miako were talking about their newspaper club (they were the only members), and he didn't want Miako to use his room as the newspaper club room.

Then one of the teachers, Nonomura came to them. He said that they couldn't continue to act like a club, since they weren't a real club. He said they could continue if they became a real club (at least 5 members), and found a teacher to watch over them.

Then Miako and Meguru went out to recruit new members. They met Yuko, who was an old friend of Miako. Yuko was already in the brass band club, but she said she would join.

They went to 20 more people, but nobody wanted to join Then a weak sounding girl asked them for the directions to the teacher's office. The girl (Mari) was lost. Meguru and Miako gave her directions, and she went off.

Then they sensed someone following them. Miako told Meguru to go find out who it was. It was a boy (Takeshi) who admired Miako. He asked them to admit him into the newspaper club.

So now they had four people, but they couldn't find anyone else. Then Mari (the lost girl) came by. She said she was still lost and couldn't find the teacher's office.

Miako came up with an idea. She told Mari to join the newspaper club, as that would make her learn her way around the school very quickly.

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